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About Bid416 Auctions

Bid416 Auctions is an online auction house that liquidates products from major retails such as Walmart, The Bay, Amazon & Wayfair.  We also auction items from trucks of undeliverable and unclaimed freight.  Bid416 Auctions also accepts consignments from individuals and businesses.

Bid416 Auctions was started in May 2020 by Scott and his wife Elizabeth after Covid-19 ravaged their Wedding and Events Rental Business.  They needed to transition in order to provide for their family.  Always as customers of other auctions and seeing the great void of proper customer service in the industry, it was decided that running an online liquidation auction would be what they transitioned into.  While there is a great focus on providing great quality items for clients to bid on, there is pride taken in treating all clients with the respect they deserve.  Something that seems be lacking in the industry from their expereinces.

It was decided that Bid416 Auctions would not be like many other auctions.  So many start off with "Bid Accordingly" and very low minimums.  These items are normally untested or unopened to ensure that what is in the box is actually a usable and/or correct item.  Bid416 Auctions' motto is "Bid with Confidence".  You will not arrive to pick up non working items - even for $1 this is not a deal.  Your time has value and and shouldn't be wasting it on unusable items.  

We set minimums on many items because businesses can not sell items for less than what they paid and survive very long.  Bid416 Auctions does not employ "popcorn" bidders.  These are fake accounts set up in order to raise the price of lots.  Basically an illegal way of setting a Minimum Price for an item.  While there are some auction houses that can create enough competition with large client bases, most cannot.   

Ever notice that your maximum bid always seem to win the lot?  This is a good sign of popcorn bidding.  You can be confident that Bid416 Auctions does not operate like this.  You are a valued and respected customer and your trust is very important to us.  This goes against both our business and personal morals.

We have a combined 50+ years of customer service experience and are happy to show the industry a new way to treat clients.  We are looking to make change by example in this industry and hope you will join us.  Thank you for reading about how we started and our business philosophy.  We wish you the best of luck to all on our auctions.


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