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Everyone is making online purchases these days, it is the new normal. Sellers need to find ways to sell their products online and Amazon is one of the biggest and best in the world right now. Online platforms such as Amazon are the perfect place for buyers to find the products they need as well. This is a great opportunity for the seller to connect to new customers outside of their own websites.

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The conveniences of online purchases? Quick and Easy. There is a flip side to this new normal / culture we have -- CUSTOMER RETURNS. A nightmare for customers and sellers alike. Amazon has made this just as easy or easier than doing business with large brick and mortar such as Costco and Walmart.

The reasons for product returns vary. Almost 30% of all purchases are returned to major online retailers, including Amazon. Amazon offers FREE online return within a certain period of time. The online buying culture is becoming very used to buying and returning, sometimes proir to even opening up the items.

There has been an explosion of returns in Canada to major retailers such as Amazon, as consumers are more likely to shop with retailers that offer free returns. This generates a lot of returns and they all go somewhere.

Amazon and their sellers do not resell most of the returns that are received.  Amazon also removes a lot of product from their warehouses for various reasons. (Lack of payment, low sales, low inventory, supplier requests, etc).  They look for ways to sell the merchandise as their warehouse space is much more valuable to them for items that they can sell.  This is where liquidators such as Bid416.com become involved.

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This is where Bid416.com has a great advantage. We get the pallets of Amazon returns direct from the source, nobody has touched these pallets after they leave the Amazon warehouse.


Manifested pallets/loads mean they have been processed.  There is a great likelihood the best and most expensive items have been removed.  This was our experience when we were buying small and starting out.  We experienced so many dishonest "liquidators" and we just didn't want to be those guys when we decided to get into the Amazon customer returns business.  We want to offer a fresh change to the present buyers experience of Amazon Returns as well as present a great starting point for new clients trying to get in on the online selling craze that is only going to get bigger.

We do not at this time manifest any of the pallets, it is something we may do in the future to accommodate specific customer types, but at this time please be assured that the pallets coming in are direct from Amazon Customer Returns centres across Canada and have not been cherry picked in any way.

The best way to buy Amazon return pallets is through liquidation companies.  A huge portion of amazon returned merchandise are customer returns where the buyer regrets the purchase, didn't suit its purpose, was not as described, arrived to late to use, etc.  Life happens and items are returned that are in perfect working order, as is most of the Amazon returns we have found in our experience. 

How to Buy Quality Amazon Return Pallets?

Look into the liquidator, make sure you feel comfortable with them, purchase a small amount in the beginning to see what kind of experience you get.  At Bid416.com our success is balanced on the success of our clients loooking to buy low and sell higher.  We will work with you as best we can and offer the best advice possible.

Choosing to buy Amazon return pallets from a reputable seller is 50% of the job and makes the other 50% easier.

Maximizing Your Profits from Amazon Returns Pallets Purchases

Once you’ve purchased and received a pallet of Amazon returns, maximize your profits.  Go through it and determine what is retail ready, test products in open boxes and ensure it is suitable for retail or repair.  Some will be ready to repost immediately on sites such as eBay or Amazon.  Ensure you take off any stickers identifying other stores or online retail platforms.  Good luck in your continued business or with your new adventure and know that we are here to help in anyway we possibly can.

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