Seller/Consignor Information

As an online liquidator we can offer your products to our clients on your behalf.
Either within our weekly auction or allowing you to run your own separate auction on our platform.
All consignors must guarantee that listed items are tested and in good working order where possible.
We do not offer listings for "as-is" or Bid Accordingly type of lots.
There is no option to ship from home locations.
All lots must be dropped off before they are made live on the platform.


Have a few items you want to put in our weekly auction?

List From HOME
Listing fee per item $1.99 & 20% seller fee.
No minimum or reserve allowed in our weekly liquidation auction.
Items must be dropped off in our warehouse before they go live.
Lot numbers/stickers must be applied to each item - Stickers can be be provided as required.

We Can List Your Items in our Weekly Auction
Listing fee per item $7.99.
20% seller fee.
No minimum or reserve allowed on our weekly liquidation auction.
(Make sure to do the math.. you need to recoup the fees.  Normal selling price is about 30% of value but no guarantees)

Want to Run your own Auction?

You can decide which day/hour you wish to run the auction. (Just not Thursdays @ 7pm).
$30 flat fee to run each auction.
Listing fee per item $1.99 (You list) $7.99 (We list)
Seller fee 20%
You may run your own auction with Minimums and/or Reserves
You must have at least 100 items to run your own auction. 


Fees are not refundable
Payments are made 15 days after the auction and made by eTransfer to consignors.
This allows our customers to ensure that the items purchased are in working/described condition.

If you have any further questions please email or call us.

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