Proxy Bidding - Placing a Maximum Bid
Our platform uses proxy (automatic) method of bidding.
You can place a maximum bid for an item and the system will bid for you up to your maximum bid. plus a defined increment."

Examples of how proxy bidding works:

  • You put in the maximum amount you would bid up to.
  • If a lot does not have any bids and you enter $30 as your maximum then your bid would be $1.00.  If no one else bids then you will win the lot for $1.00.
  • If someone else bids $13.00, the system will bid for you automatically and increase your bid amount to $14.00.
  • If someone bids $31.00 or higher, this means you are outbid.  The system will not bid higher than your maximum bid of $30.00
  • When outbid the system will send you an email to notify you.
  • You can increase your maximum bid at anytime before the lot ends.
  • If someone bids the same amount, the first bidder for that amount will be the winner of the lot.
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