Guidance for Consignors

How to Become a Consignor

Ask by email to set up your account to be a consignor.  We will assign you a Letter to start your lots with.
Send us an email or a quick call to discuss what you are looking to consign to make sure it is a good fit.  As we grow it is becoming easier to sell items.  Expect an average of 20-30% of retail.  Clothing and furniture does not do well in the auction at this time.  I will be honest with you so as not to set unrealistic expectations but it is an ever changing thing, so lets discuss.

Create an Event/Auction
     Go to My Auctions ---> Create Event
     * Fill in a Name and an Ending Date/Time ONLY if you are adding your lots to our weekly liquidation auction.
     * Fill out all fields if you plan to run your own event/auction.
     * Make sure the date/time is set for the future.

Create a Lot
     Go to My Auctions--->Create Lot
DO NOT use Create Listing.  These are Buy it Now items and not an available option at this time for consignors.

Step 1
Choose a category for the lot 
Choose the Event/Auction (usually you only have one created at  time)Fill in required fields.

Step 2 - Lot Details
Lot #   All lots start with the letter assigned to you. All lots must be labeled (no exception) with a lot LETTER/NUMBER.
Title - Limit of 50 characters - You need to indicate SIZE/**ISSUES** if applicable to begin title.
     Title Example Sz:11 Nike Shoes - Women's
Sub Title - No need to use
Description - Place any relevant information they should know here.
Consignor - Choose this from your list.  There should only be 1 choice  This is how your payout will be properly calculated.
Shippable - Default is shippable (We can ship for you)
     Non Shippable items - Dimensions (1 side is over 39").  Weight is over 45lbs.  Glass, Monitors, TVs or anything fragile.
Retail Price - Not required but it is good to give them an idea of what the value is
Condition - (Required) Choose from list
Product Link - If you want to provide for more detailed information
Locate - Required & IMPORTANT -  This is your assigned Letter(s).    
Starting Bid - For our weekly auction it must be set at $1.   If you are having your own auction you can set this as a minimum bid.
Add Images - (Required) - You can use stock photos.   If item has an **Issue** then a photo of issue/damage should take.
Additional Media - If you need to upload a PDF file concerning the item you can do that with this field.
Display Options - DO NOT USE - It adversely affects the layout of the auction on certain browsers.

     Click Create
You have now created a lot for the auction.  Repeat for each lot you want to post.

Publishing Auction / Lots
     My Account-->My Auctions-->Drafts-->Manage Auction-->Publish Auction Event  
If adding to our weekly auction - Your lots can be added to any unpublished auction.  Our auction usually publishes 9 days before.

***Important*** Items must be dropped off prior to them going live on the site.  Drop offs are on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday 10am-3pm.

Additional Helpful Information

Preparing the Lot
Numbering the Lots - You will need to sticker each lot as Letter/Number.  You can request stickers from us to pick up.
Place the sticker in a place that can be seen.  Don't put them on the bottom of the items for example, pickers need to see them.

Allowable Listings
AS-IS or USED :  This type of lot needs to have a description as to why it is being sold in this state.  TITLE must start with AS IS or USED
Adults Only items - Please use an 18+ logo as the first image.
We allow all items but reserve the right to remove anything that is offensive and we will notify you of any removals.

Other Info
No requirement for original packaging.  The condition or description field can be used to explain.
Items after Best Before dates must be mentioned in title. Start with "Best Before-Month/Year"
No requirement for actual images, you can use stock images found online, except with items with issues.  Please photo the issue and add those photos as well.

Consignor Payouts are made 15 days after the auction by eTransfer to the email on the consignor account.
This allows bidders 14 days to return an item if it is broken or not correctly decscribed.
Notify us if you make a change to your email address.

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