Welcome to our FAQ page - Below are links and answers to the different information we get asked about a lot.

Proxy Bidding - Placing a Maximum Bid
Our platform uses proxy (automatic) method of bidding.  You can place a maximum bid for an item and the system will bid for you up to your maximum bid. plus a defined increment."

Examples of how proxy bidding works:

  • You put in the maximum amount you would bid up to.
  • If a lot does not have any bids and you enter $30 as your maximum then your bid would be $1.00.  If no one else bids then you will win the lot for $1.00.
  • If someone else bids $13.00, the system will bid for you automatically and increase your bid amount to $14.00.
  • If someone bids $31.00 or higher, this means you are outbid.  The system will not bid higher than your maximum bid of $30.00
  • When outbid the system will send you an email to notify you.
  • You can increase your maximum bid at anytime before the lot ends.
  • If someone bids the same amount, the first bidder for that amount will be the winner of the lot.

Pick up of Auction Winnings- $20 per week for storage if not picked up as per policy.
Auction winnings MUST be picked up Saturday/Sunday/Monday or Tuesday (10am - 3pm) immediately following the auction they were won in.
Unless some other arrangement is made, any items left after this time are considered Forfeit and will be relisted.
It is very important that you only bid when you know that you are able to pick up in the alloted time to avoid disappointment.

BUY IT NOW Purchases - Pick Up/Delivery
All purchases are final
All Buy It Now items must be picked up within 10 days of purchase date.  After 10 days they are considered forfeit.
Require shipping? Send an email prior to paying and wait for revised invoice. (If your account is set up as "Always Require Shipping" no need to send email).
Pick up days are Saturday to Tuesday 10am - 3pm

I Want to Sell On Our Auction Platform?
Three ways to sell on our auction.
1. List your items in our weekly auction. You must accept $1.00 start and no reserves/minimums allowed.
2. Create your own auction and list your items (new or used). You can set set minimums/reserves.
3. List on our Buy It Now Section (Not Available At This Time)
For more information and pricing - Click here for more information to Sell your Items

I Won in the Auction!  Now What ?
At the end of the auction invoices will be created and sent out.  If you do not receive your invoice pleases check your junk mail.
Invoices cannot be generated or paid until after the auction ends. - Click here for more information about this topic.

Delivery - I Won and I want Delivery - What do I do? 
If you chose "I Always Require Delivery" when registering - wait for a revised invoice to arrive.  Usually the next day.
If you did not choose this when you registered then please send us an email BEFORE paying for your winnings/purchases.
We will be happy to send you a revised invoice and arrange delivery.

Delivery - How do you decide what the charge is? - Click here for more information
We are not able to determine prices of delivery prior to winning/purchasing of items.  We will combine your items together to ensure
you pay the least amount possible for shipping.  All pricing is determined by the price given at www.CanadaPost.ca

How do you secure my Credit Card info? - Click here for information on what happens to your credit card info on our site

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