Return Policy

Please understand that we are operating a Liquidation Auction.  Items are misguided freight and customer returns.  Items have been shipped at least 6 time prior to arriving at our warehouse.  Amazon products, if sealed, could be reported "lost/stolen".  Mistakes can and will be made by either our staff or consignors, they are human.  This is the reason we have a return policy.  We are proud to say that each week we have less than 1/2% returns and usually for a reason we could not control/foresee.  

If there is a problem with an item (incorrectly described {our interpretation is final}, broken, missing parts, etc) you can return it for a full refund.  You must  return within 12 days from date of auction it was won in.  Do not email about a return - simply bring it back and a determination will be made at that time. 
The day it is picked up or delivered does not play a part of this policy.  It is 12 days from the date of the auction won in.  No exceptions and no "virtual" returns by email accepted.

If there is an error/discrepancy in the information and you bid, then you will receive whatever the item ends up being.  Best is to let us know so we can fix the lot information if possible.

Returns not accepted due to an incorrect retail price provided, conflicting information, buyer remorse, wrong size or doesn't fit right, etc....  It is the responsibility of bidder to perform their own due diligence prior to bidding.

Refunds will be either back to same card if paid by credit card.  If you pay by etransfer then it will be put on the account as a credit which you can redeem on future invoices.

There are no option for relisting/restocking items.

No exceptions to the policy. Don't be mad, leave a negative review if you want, they will be answered honestly.  Mostly is just people who expected special treatment over other clients.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with our return policy.


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