Weekly Food Bin Store

Located at 145 Bethridge Road  Etobicoke

How it works? 
Each week we restock the "Bins" with fresh items.  Eg. Coffee, Tea, Cereals, Candy, Pet Food/Treats and so many more different products.
Every day is a different price for items in the Bins :  Saturday $5 , Sunday $3, Monday $1 & Tuesday .50¢

On Saturday everything in the food bins are $5 each item.
All items not sold Saturday will be $3 each on Sunday.
All items not sold Sunday will be $1 each on Monday.
All items not sold Monday will be .50¢ each on Tuesday.
All items not sold Tuesday are donated to The Daily Bread food bank.

Pick Up Only - No Delivery is available sorry.  You have to come in person to purchase.

Here are some sample images of how BINS look at start of the week.  Also the different medicines, proteins, formulas that we stock.

Click images to view larger

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