Weekly Food Bin Store

Located at 145 Bethridge Road  Etobicoke

How it works? 
Each week we restock the "Bins" with fresh items.  Eg. Coffee, Tea, Cereals, Candy, Pet Food/Treats and so many more different products.
Every day is a different price for items in the Bins :  Saturday $5 , Sunday $3, Monday $2 & Tuesday $1

On Saturday everything in the food bins are $5 each item.
All items not sold Saturday will be $3each on Sunday.
All items not sold Sunday will be $2 each on Monday.
All items not sold Monday will be $1 each on Tuesday.
All items not sold Tuesday are donated to The Daily Bread food bank.

Pick Up Only - No Delivery is available sorry.  You have to come in person to purchase.

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